The Current State of Miami’s Rental Market

Miami condo rentals have never seen such growth for South Florida’s real estate market. As the snowbirds begin to move to South Florida and as the Port of Miami is creating job, the real estate in Miami is in desperate need for the best South Florida Realtors.

Leasing is one of the many ways that one can transition into a real estate endeavor.

If someone is having difficulty selling their home or property, then they can consider leasing a real estate option, instead of selling it. If you decide to use the lease option for the property, then it means that you will become the landlord for a period of at least one year.  The tenant will have a contract that is signed for this amount of time that says to take care of the property and pay rent.  After the time period is up, the tenant will have the option of buying the property from you.

Florida vacation homes are no different from the houses for sale in florida and apartments for rent in miami. “We have been seeing lots of condos for sale in Florida as well as Florida beach rentals for the holiday season” says Dodd, who is a part of the Florida association of realtors.

Realty companies specializing in Florida lots for sale are indeed starting to specialize in Miami condo rentals as well as Miami villas for rent. And for good reason. Homes for rent in Florida are stablizing because of all the new jobs that Bill Johnson’s Port of Miami is creating for the port’s expansion set to be completed in 2013

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